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Overland Getting Started

Getting Started

Are you new to overland travel? Check out our basic outline on overland travel, modes of transportation, and philosophy.

Backpacking Hammocks - Expedition Wire

Lightweight Hammocks for Your Next Trip

One of the most popular, and in our opinion coolest, camping gadgets on the market is a lightweight packable hammock. These ultra comfortable, take-a-nap-anywhere, devices are great for backpacking, overlanding, cycling, and even international travel.

water purification and filters

Photo by Noah Silliman 

Drinking dirty water will ruin a overland trip. Waterborne parasites in a small pond can send you to the hospital. And ice cold  water from a pristine stream can destroy a perfectly good pair of pants. Drinking untreated water is dangerous. One of the most critical pieces of overland travel gear you can own is reliable water  filter. We share our top picks for various pumps, filters, and purification methods to ensure that mountain stream doesn’t ruin your week.